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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

11:02 PM

how to secure your Whatsapp chat- best app lock for android 2020

Hello, friends welcome back to my website today I am writing about a useful application called “WhatsLock” it is an app locker which protects your WhatsApp and other applications privacy with password pattern fingerprint lock.

                               best app lock application, whatsapp lock

About this application:

Whatslock can bolt Facebook, WhatsApp, exhibition, errand person, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, contacts, Gmail, settings, approaching calls, and any application you counteract unapproved access and Guard security. guarantee security.
Whatslock can hide pictures and videos. hidden pictures and videos of our vanishing from the gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. protect private memories easily. no pin Noway.
Whatslock has a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. no more stress individuals may peep the stick or example. more secure.

With whatslock, you will,

Never worry about parents check your Snapchat
Never stress over companions obtain your telephone to make diversions with versatile information again.
Never worry about workmates get your phone to look at the gallery again.
Never worry about someone reads Private data in your App again
Never worry about kids mess up settings send the wrong messages and playing games again
Get your hidden gallery, secret browser, private SMS with AppLock

                                                  best app lock 2019- whatsapp lock

How to download?

To download this application just visit Play Store in your Android smartphone and in the search for search “WhatsLock- lock for apps” then it automatically gets you with this app under first page itself, and as it is freely available in Play Store you can download and install this application.  once you have installed the application just open and give necessary permission. then choose The application which you want to keep secure by this application lock and set the password for pattern lock or fingerprint lock and Interactive cover and make sure all selected application is enabled with interactive cover and I recommend you to prevent uninstaller, because once you on these features then nobody can uninstall your whatslock application. overall this application is very good and extremely secures your application.

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 whatslock application

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

10:09 AM

Best App Lock for Android 2019- AppLock-Fingerprint

Hello, friends welcome to my website, in this article I'm writing about an app lock application for android- AppLock - Fingerprint- which highly secures your privacy.

 Best app lock application 2019

About this App:

AppLock Protect and lock apps, Gallery, Photos, Video, Privacy with Fingerprint. Smart AppLock is an app locker that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. Lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Gallery apps with password and prevent the apps from being exposed by a snooper. In addition to perfect lock, applock can catch intruders by taking a picture and even hide the fact that lock the app with a fake error window.

Main Feature:

* App Lock
  Lock the application with a secret key to secure your protection

* Catch Intruders
   If someone accesses your app then take a picture and send to your email

* Fingerprint
   Supports a convenient and powerful lock with a fingerprint sensor

* Fake App
   You Can even hide the fact that lock the app with a fake error window

* Notification Lock
   Block the locked app notification message in the top of the notification bar

* SmartLock
   Lock just explicit time or auto open when associated with explicit wifi or Bluetooth

* Multiple passwords
   You can set an alternate secret phrase for each bolted application
* Remote Lock
   Lock or Unlock remotely your gadget by means of the SMS content.

 applock 2019

Other Features:

* Support PIN, Pattern, Password, Gesture, Fingerprint
* Simple to bolt open utilizing gadget and notice bar
* Applock bolsters the capacity to reset a lost secret key
* Restricts unlock attempts to prevent others continue to attempt to unlock it
* Supports the ability to lock Wifi, Bluetooth
* you can auto-lock newly installed apps
* Gatekeeper private information, security, and keep security and application insurance

 Google earth

How to Download?

To download the application visit Playstore in your android device, and in the search bar search " AppLock- Fingerprint" Then it will get you with this app under the first option only. and as it freely available in the play store you can download and install this app

Overall this app is best for app lock and it does not show many ads so you can experience ads-free service. Thank you for visiting our website, visit again for more articles 

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12:50 AM

Best Android App 2019- Button mapper-Remap your keys

Hello friends, Welcome to my website today I am writing on an application called “Button mapper-Remap your keys”  Remap hardware buttons to launch any apps shortcut for action.

best android app 2019
Button mapper

About this app:
Button mapper makes it is it to map custom actions to your volume button Bixby button or other hardware buttons. remap buttons to launch any app, shortcut for custom action with a single, double press, or long press. The root is not required.

Button mapper scan remaps most physical or capacitive keys and buttons such as volume button, the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy device and the capacitive home, back and recent apps keys found on the device by Samsung, Asus, HTC, One plus, Xiaomi, and others. Catch mapper can likewise remap catches on numerous gamepads and other fringe gadgets.

Button maps do not work when the screen is off unless your device is rooted or you run a special ADB command.

A couple of instances of remapping, you can do with catch mapper

  • Double tap your home button to launch your favorite app or shortcut.
  • Double click to the back button to open your notification
  • Swap your back and recent apps keys
  • Long press home to toggle do not disturb mode
  • Press volume down to toggle your flashlight
  • Use volume buttons to adjust screen brightness
  • Long press volume down to toggle your flashlight3
 best android app

Additional features unlocked in the pro version:

  Simulate keycodes
  Pocket detection
  Customize of haptic feedback on button press and long press

Actions that can be mapped to button or keys:

- Launch any app for a shortcut
 -Disable the button
- Run scripts
- Turn screen off
- Quick settings
- Toggle flashlight
- take screenshot
 -show notifications
- power dialogue
 -adjust volume
- music previous, next track, and play/pause
- Mute
 -adjust brightness
 -last apps launch
 -toggle Bluetooth - split screen
 -Scroll up/ down
 - clear notifications
- and many more


Additional options:
  •  Change the long press or double tab duration
  •  Disable button mapper while using specific apps
  • Defer beginning catch press for a superior twofold tap activity

 best android app


This application utilizes availability administrations openness is utilized to distinguish when the physical or capacitive catches are pushed on your gadget so they can be remapped to custom activities to oblige your is not used to see what you type. button mapper does not collect or share any of your personal information with third parties and this app uses the device administration permission. this permission is used to lock the screen if the turn screen of action is chosen. if you want to remove this permission open button mapper click on the menu and select uninstall.

How to download?
To download this the application just go to “Play Store” on your Android mobile and in the search bar search “button mapper remap your keys”  then it automatically gets you with this app under first option itself and it is 3.4 MB in size and as it is freely available in the Play Store you can download and install this application.

Thank you for visiting our website, visit again for more useful articles and if you like this article then please give positive comments in the below comment section and click below the “download” button to download this application. thank you.

 best app
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Friday, June 14, 2019

3:24 AM

How to save mobile data, Best Data Saver App-Internet Guard - No Root Firewall for Android-2019

Hello Guys, welcome to my website, in this article, I am writing about an application called " Internet guard data saver firewall" application. it is a no root Firewall that provides simple ways to data saver. app and domain can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

 technical vijay

Blocking access to the internet can help:

Reduce your data usage
Increase your privacy
Save your battery
Easily allow or block any application
Block background app activity
Block adult websites
Be alerted when new application access the internet
Take control of your mobile application


Simple to use
No tracking for Analytics
No calling home
No root required
Tethering supported
Multiple devices use supported
Android 5.1 and later supported
Optionally block when roaming
Optionally block system applications
Automatically identify applications correctly installed on your mobile device
love all outgoing traffic
Allow/block individual addresses per application
Display network speed graph in status for notification
Automatically launch of device startup
Disable background activity for selected apps
Get full data usage visibility
Material design theme with light and dark theme
New application notification configure internet guard directly from the notification


This app relies on the VPN interface, then only it implements the firewall on no root devices.
it works as a proxy between the common apps and the servers. the doesn't steal your data or send even one bit of its own.

 technical vijay

 technical vijay

How to download and use?

To download this application go to Play Store on your Android mobile and in the search bar search "Internet guard data saver firewall" then it automatically gets you with this application under first option itself. as it is freely available in Play Store you can download and install this application, once the installation is done then you can open this application click I agree on the option and on the top of the screen you will see Internet guard on/off button. turn it on and give necessary permissions it asks, then selects all apps which you don't want to access the internet, once you have don this the internet guard data saver app which starts to block ok all application which you have selected from being connected with the internet. from this application, you can save data and mobile battery life also.

Overall this application is one of the best application to manage your mobile data. this is about internet guard data saver fire one application, I hope you like this article. thank you for visiting our web site visit again for more articles and if you have any questions suggestion please let me know in the below comment box.

Please click below "Download" button to download the applications. thank you,

 internet guard


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

12:41 AM

Best App lock for Android 2019- Oops App Lock- Lock any app with volume button

Hello friends, welcome to our website today in this article I will explain to you about the secret trick of your Android mobile volume button. yes, now you can lock any your Android apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc by using your mobile volume button. in order to perform these amazing tricks in your Android mobile first, you have to download and install an application called "oops app lock" which is freely available in Google Play Store and you can easily download and install this application.

Oops app lock

About this app:
Oops lock application storage does not utilize any on-screen secret key or in essential or an example based bolting framework, we use volume key example as the secret key, you can make an example utilizing volume keys like up, up, down, up.

  • Oh no AppLock is absolutely imperceptible
  • Oops app lock screen lock has different styles to choose
  • Oops app lock screen lock is the safest screen lock
  • Using oops AppLock screen lock nobody can unlock your phone
  • Oops AppLock is the safest way to lock apps
  • No one even notification your application is bolted with oh no AppLock
  • Oops AppLock unlock any application
  • You can set different background for lock screen on every  Lock app with oops AppLock
 3 D live

How to download?

To download "Oops AppLock" just visit Play Store on your Android smartphone and in the search bar type "Oops AppLock" once you search you will get this application under first option itself and it is just 3.5 MB in size and as it is freely available in Play Store you can download and install this amazing application.

 best app lock

How to use?

Once application installed, just open it. you will see a setup password option click on that. then select any number 2 to 5. This number is nothing but the number of times you need to click your mobile volume button to unlock the Locked application. so select anyone then click on your volume button both up and down as you wish, remember this will be your App lock password. so then confirm it and set a password recovery e question by answering a simple question click setup again click volume password. now you will get the interface of AppLock, first, make sure AppLock is on top of the screen then select the apps those you want to lock with this App lock application and there will be Three Types of background such as Black, transparent, and custom. select any one of them. once you properly did these settings oops AppLock will start working on your mobile. I hope you understand.

Overall this application is very good to lock any application in your smartphone and this application does not show any ads, therefore, you can experience ads-free service. thank you for visiting our website visit again for a more useful latest article.

Please click below Download button to download the application. Thank you.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

12:44 AM

Latest Whatsapp tricks 2019, whatsapp status saver, stylish text, Text to emoji all in one best app

Hi guys, welcome to my website, in this article, I am going to explain to you 7 latest Whatsapp tricks which are nobody knows and all these tricks are amazing every WhatsApp user should know before using WhatsApp. Okay guys, first you need to download an application called "smart tools pro best social media tool app"

About this application:

The smart tool is best all in one tool with text repeater, status saver, emoji text converter, blank message sender and many more
You can do many things with this best all in one tool application.

  • Convert normal text to emoji text because it is best all in one tool app.
  • Send direct WhatsApp message without saving the number.
  • Repeat the text to unlimited time on one click.
  • Send direct WhatsApp message with text.
  • Send a direct message on Facebook, messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Send a blank message on any social media.
  • Save WhatsApp status photos and videos all in one app.
  • Mirror flip reverses any text.
  • Share your post.
  • One click message share.
  • Autoplay WhatsApp status.
  • How to use the option.
  • Text to emoji text
  • Text repeater.
  • Blank text:  create blank text and send anyone.
  • Direct message send a direct message without saving their number.
  • Status for WhatsApp.
  • Text play
  • Stylish text, you can write 17 different text styles with the help of this application.
best whatsapp status app

How to download?

To download this application go to "play store" and in the search for search "Smart tools pro- best social media tool app" once you have searched, you will get this application under first option itself and this is freely available in the Play store, so you can download and install this application.

How to use?

Once you installed just open it and give all permission: 

Normal text to emoji text;
Simply type normal text and choose your emoji then your text convert into emoji text and share to your friends

Text repeater:
Simply type your text then put the number of time you want to repeat and choose a new line or not then it automatically repeat your text.
 best whatsapp status saver

Direct message:
Sometimes we want to check this number is on WhatsApp or not or sometimes we want to send some message to someone without saving their number. so there is a way to do this simply input text and click on send if this number on WhatsApp then it opens it WhatsApp conversation and will be sent.

Blank message;
If you want to send someone a blank message, then this is the best way you can send a blank message to anyone on WhatsApp.

Status saver:
When you like someone WhatsApp status and if you want to use this then you can save their WhatsApp status in this application and you can upload it to your status.

Thank you guys for visiting our website visit again for more article and download the application by clicking below "Download" button.

 whats tool app
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 whatsapp tricks

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