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Best App lock for Android 2019- Oops App Lock-Technicalvijay-Lock any app with volume button


Best App lock for Android 2019- Oops App Lock-Technicalvijay-Lock any app with volume button

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Best App lock for Android 2019- Oops App Lock

Hello friends, welcome to our website today in this article I will explain to you about the secret trick of your Android mobile volume button. yes, now you can lock any your Android apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc by using your mobile volume button. in order to perform these amazing tricks in your Android mobile first, you have to download and install an application called “oops app lock” which is freely available in Google Play Store and you can easily download and install this application.
About this app:
Oops lock application storage does not utilize any on-screen secret key or in essential or an example based bolting framework, we use volume key example as the secret key, you can make an example utilizing volume keys like up, up, down, up.


  • Oh no AppLock is absolutely imperceptible
  • Oops app lock screen lock has different styles to choose
  • Oops app lock screen lock is the safest screen lock
  • Using oops AppLock screen lock nobody can unlock your phone
  • Oops AppLock is the safest way to lock apps
  • No one even notification your application is bolted with oh no AppLock
  • Oops AppLock unlock any application
  • You can set different background for lock screen on every  Lock app with oops AppLock
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How to download?
To download “Oops AppLock” just visit Play Store on your Android smartphone and in the search bar type “Oops AppLock” once you search you will get this application under first option itself and it is just 3.5 MB in size and as it is freely available in Play Store you can download and install this amazing application.
 best app lock


How to use?
Once application installed, just open it. you will see a setup password option click on that. then select any number 2 to 5. This number is nothing but the number of times you need to click your mobile volume button to unlock the Locked application. so select anyone then click on your volume button both up and down as you wish, remember this will be your App lock password. so then confirm it and set a password recovery e question by answering a simple question click setup again click volume password. now you will get the interface of AppLock, first, make sure AppLock is on top of the screen then select the apps those you want to lock with this App lock application and there will be Three Types of background such as Black, transparent, and custom. select any one of them. once you properly did these settings oops AppLock will start working on your mobile. I hope you understand.

Best App lock for Android 2019- Oops App Lock

Overall this application is very good to lock any application in your smartphone and this application does not show any ads, therefore, you can experience ads-free service. thank you for visiting our website visit again for a more useful latest article.

Please click below Download button to download the application. Thank you.

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