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Smart Kit 360- All In One App

All in one app

All In One App

Smart Kit 360- All In One App

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SmSmart Kit 360- All In One App: Best All in One App includes 200+ useful Tools. Save Time, Disk Space frustration searching for all the daily tools you need!

Smart Kit 360, All In One App

Smart Kit 360 is an across the board application and is a large portion of the size of a typical “independent instrument” application like compass, interpreter or a ringtone creator application. Along these lines you’ll spare a ton of circle space, time and disappointment looking for all the everyday instruments you need!

Main Features:

* Small Size
* Has the most commonly used app features
* More than 50 apps can be replaced with one app
* Tools are orchestrated according to various class by which discovering them is extremely simple
*One simple tap to make easy routes on your home screen

Smart Kit 360 combines uniquely with several functions:

1. Translator (All languages)

Easily translate words from one language to another in a single click

2. Heart Rate Monitor

Measure your heart rate with a mobile camera and observe a real-time pulse chart. Checking your heartbeat is a straightforward method to get data about your wellbeing

3. Exercise Timer

Extreme wellness sidekick for any of your exercise center or home exercises..

4. Multilingual Dictionary

Free online dictionaries for all existing languages.

5. Sound Meter

calculates the current sound pressure level and its spectrum.

6. Cache Cleaner, RAM Booster

Keep your smartphone clean! Clean junk files, boost your device RAM. 

7. Battery Saver

Save Your mobile Battery Life with this one-tap easy optimiser. 

8. Magnifier

Magnify small things that are hard to see. It also includes a flashlight.

9. Map

Get headings quicker, discover places, demonstrates your present area on the guide and offer your GPS arranges

10. Sound Meter

Screen the present sound weight level and its range.

11. Mirror

See yourself utilizing your forward-looking camera even during the evening..

12. Audio, Video Cutter

Select the part of any song or video you want to cut and this tool will handle the rest.

13. Sound, Video Cutter 

Select the part/scene you need to cut and this device will deal with the rest. 

14. Metal Detector 

Identify the attractive field of adjacent materials and watch it on an ongoing graph. 


15. Notepad

Take notes effectively in your preferred hues. Reinforcement notes, remain sorted out! 

16. Currency Converter

Convert between various monetary standards. Monetary forms are refreshed naturally. 

17. Calculator & Graph

Make fundamental figurings with charts 

18. Unit Converter 

Convert between various physical units. 

19. Sound Recorder 

Effectively record and playback high caliber long-term sound chronicle on your cell phone or tablet. 

20. Metronome 

Exemplary metronome with customizable beat. 

21. Pitch Tuner 

Tune the pitch of your voice or melodic instruments. It can likewise play the amended tone. 

22. Code Scanner 

Output bar and QR codes rapidly with your camera. 

23. Document Manager, Root Explorer 

Document supervisor with Root Explorer. 

24. Altimeter 

Figures your rise through GPS 

25. Math device 

Straightforward figuring apparatus and helpful learning gadget 

26. Ruler 

Effectively measure the elements of various items. 

27. Leveler 

Check the surface levels.  

29. Electric lamp 

Use it as a manual light, as a strobe light or as a music light show. 

30. Agenda, Reminder 

Complete Things an adaptable daily agenda. 

31. Stopwatch 

Exactness stopwatch with “Auto Save” results in work. 

32. Vibrometer 

Measures vibrations on every one of the 3 tomahawks: X, Y, Z 

33. Pedometer 

Records the number of steps you have strolled 

34. Web Speed Test 

Exact Internet association speed test 

35. Lux Meter 

Light meter for estimating illuminance (lux, Fc) 

36. Time Zones 

World time with climate

Download Smart Kit 360 here

 smart Kit 360

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