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How To Block Ads On Android-Technicalvijay

block ads on android


How To Block Ads On Android-Technicalvijay

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Block Ads On Android: Stop All Popup Ads on Android phone with thses 2 settings. 100% working.

How to block ads on android

block ads on android


In this article i will show you step by step procedure to stop all ads including popup ads on your android phone. this is very easy. you need not any kind of softaware. it can be easily done through some settings in android phone. first of all you need to make 2 settings in your android phone.

How to block ads on android

click on “ads”


How to block ads on android

Step 1: 

Go to Settings in your phone, Inside settings you will see Accounts. in accounts you have to go to google. inside google you will see multiple options. now you have to go to personal info and privacy, and once the page loads you need to go to  ads setings. when you click on this it will open a browser in the browser it will show you ads settings for the your account.

And now you can see ads personalization and here basically you need to switched it off.

How to block ads on android

select your choices

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Remove Unwanted Ads On Android

Step 2:

When you switched it off you will see a popup window. now you have to click on ” turned it off”. it says by turnning of personalization you still see  ads but it will be less. but trust me. i have turned it off. now i am not getting any kind of ads on my device. so click on turn off. now it says ad personilization is now off. now click visit online choices. once you click on that it will load another page which will say at what all ads you have anabled on your phone. basicaly you need to uncheck all websites from where you get the ads. now it will show you what kind of ads you currently enabled. 

How to block ads on android
opt out


Here you will see an important settings – “opt-out settings”, click on that. now it will show you all 135 companies which generating ads on your device. you need to opt-out from all these 135 companies. click on ‘continue’ next click “make your choices” option, now you have to select all 135 companies and select  “opt out of all” now it says you have requested opt out from all these websites, from now you will not get any ads from all these companies. now click home button of the phone and restart your phone. All ads will go away. 

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How to find which App generating Ads on your phone?

To find the ads generating app on your android device, you need to download the application called “Popup Ad Detector“. this app will be keep on showing  exat which app generating popup ads on your android phone.

click here to download the Popup ads detector application.

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