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ProtectMe Mobile Tracker for Android – Free Now!

ProtectMe Track Any mobile


ProtectMe Mobile Tracker for Android – Free Now!

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ProtectMe – Track any mobile. Protect Me is the most advanced smartphone backup app available today, Free Download  now.

ProtectMe Track Any mobile

Mobile Tracker for Android –


Guys, In this Article I am going to explain you about how to track any mobile live 24/7. this is the first part of the topic. first of all what you need to do is just take your friend’s mobile which you want track for a while, and in the mobile download and install ProtectMe Application freely available in Play Store.

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About the Application: 

ProtectMe is the most advanced android mobile backup application available today. Backing up your Android smartphones’s data securely, incrementally and instantly ensures that there is minimal risk in critical data loss.

Once backed up into your If You Can cloud account, your data is presented to you in a Timeline as well as by content type and is searchable.

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Monitor screen unlock attempts:

Use the Remote Camera feature to automatically take pictures using the phone’s built-in cameras when the password is incorrectly entered. And check the number of the incorrect passwords entered when unlocking the screen, and lock the smartphone or erase all the mobile’s data if too many incorrect passwords are entered.

Install this app and create an account with his/her mobile email, set your own password, give all peermissions such as contacts permission, files permissions, Camera permissions etc. Make sure Location Service is ON in the device. and never forget to turn off applictaion notification in the device settings. these are all what you have to do in victims phone.

ProtectMe – Track any mobile

Protect Me Application download here,


download ProtectMe App

This is first Part of the topic ” How to track any mobileclick here to see Part 2 Article. and if you like this article please dont be cheap to share this to your friends.

watch this video for more details

track any mobile

watch this video



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